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Blue Box International - Girls Toys Report

Amy Lipkowitz, General Reporter

Blue Box International (also known as BBI) has long been known for its high quality articulated 1/6 and 3 3/4 inch action figures. In particular, their Perfect Body Cy Girls gained a cult following for their unusual take on the female form. These highly articulated dolls could pose like they were kicking ass... and their muscular-yet-feminine frames suggested that they could follow through on the threat.

This year, a line of 1/6 dolls called Gothic will be making its debut in June or July. The dolls on display were unfinished prototypes, unfortunately... The doll named "Ugly", for example, had unfinished make-up, and her outfit was missing some key elements such as a corset or bustier. The line includes two males and three females, who will feature gothic-punk inspired fashions and make-up. The predominating colors are white and black, although two of the female dolls feature beautiful blue-green hair and sultry eyes.

For people who prefer their gothic dollies to be smaller and sweeter, Blue Box is also introducing a line of collectible customizable figurines called Fashion Street. These will be 3 3/4 to 4 inches tall, and packed in with many accessories, a second outfit, and a second hairstyle. The second outfit may as well be called a second body, though... these modular maidens can completely change their look by snapping on a new hair style, new torso, or new lower half. The hair styles comprise of bangs and the rest of the hair, and snap on to an unadorned head. By buying multiple Fashion Street sets, collectors can choose from a variety of parts to create their own unique figure.

Although the prototypes on display were glued together, the final product is expected to have articulation in the arms, legs, waist, and head. Little plugs on their hands allow them to "hold" some of their props, which include kittens, serving platters, and teddy bears.

The Fashion Street figures will be available in four different flavors: "preppie", "goth", "punk goth", and "role play". These are slated for a June release. (If anyone spots the punk goth one, please let me know? I'm pretty sure I can combine a few of those parts to make a plastic mini-me.)

You can view these products in our galleries: Gothic | Fashion Street

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