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Integrity Toys Report

Amy Lipkowitz, General Reporter

Making its debut at Toy Fair is Integrity Toys' first ever celebrity likeness... The RuPaul doll, produced by Jason Wu of Integrity Toys. (Official sites: --

The dolls feature a completely new 13" tall body, accurately reflecting RuPaul's model proportions. Not to worry, though; the doll can still share clothing with most fashion dolls.

One feature of the RuPaul dolls are the pre-posed arms, sculpted to RuPaul's specifications. The doll features a good deal of articulation, with a twist waist and underbust joint as well as arms that swivel outwards, but the elbows and knees of the doll will not be articulated.

The dolls are slated for a June 2005 release, with a recommended price of $59 USD. Further releases are under consideration; the doll is expected to sell in various specialty shops as well as traditional doll shops, as it is in a celebrity likeness with complete approval from the celebrity in question.

You can view the RuPaul doll in our RuPaul Gallery!

We were allowed into the Integrity Toys playline showroom as well. There are many new collections in the Janay line of dolls in store, including:

  • The Orient Expression line, featuring brocade, asian prints, and chunky shoes.
  • The Hot Looks line, featuring energetic work-out wear, sporty shoes, and bared bellies.
  • The Village Nation line, with funky fashions featuring buckle b oots, netting, and mixed textures.

The Ancient Legends line continues this year with a Goddesses of Ancient Greece theme, featuring crinkly crepe toga-like gowns and pleated fabrics. There are metallic elastic "gold" decorations, as well as paper accessories. The dolls come in a variety of skintones and hair textures, including one doll with impressive curls.

Unfortunately for fans, the Icons line is no more. For those who missed out on this line, it was a spinoff of the Janay line that attempted to bridge the gap between the world of collectibles and the world of playline dolls, with a more affordable, yet high-quality doll. Although two waves of the Icons dolls were released, the collector response was not enough to keep the experimental line going.

You can view the other Integrity Toy pictures our Gallery!

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