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Diamond Select

Diamond Select offers items from licensed properties that are a bit more unusual, high-scale -- or both -- than other toy companies. This year, Diamond displayed figures from the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Gundam Fix, Marvel statues, Army of Darkness plush toys, Marvel Minimates, IndyMates, Little Apple Dolls, figures from various Star Trek incarnations, and in the editor's personal favorite -- the plush Angel Puppet!

A quick note on the Marvel Minimates: you'll find photographs of Series 10 and 11 (see the Art Asylum galleries close-up shots of most figures.) The short-packed variant figures in those waves will be the black-costumed Spider-Woman and a crystal-clear Iceman (the standard one is frosted). Others are reporting that the Spider-Carnage figure will be the variant of the wave, not the black-costumed Spider-Woman. We'll see if we can get clarification. Also on display were prototypes for four 8"-tall Marvel Minimates: Wolverine, Spider-Man and the much-requested Sentinel and Galactus. We were asked not to take photos of these figures, as they are proposals rather than confirmed releases.

And for you Transformers fans, take heart -- although only a pair of Autobot and Decepticon symbol wall-plaques were on display, we were told that future releases *may* include prop replicas and other items along the lines of Diamond's GI Joe products.

There's stuff that I didn't even mention. You know you just gotta click the link for more stuff like GI Joe, Predator, Intron Depot... I could just keep going. [Pictures]

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