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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2005 Coverage!

Hasbro - Toy Fair 2005

Hasbro's 2005 booth was filled with toys from lines of all types. Transformers were present in the form of the new Cybertron line, which uses toys based of the Japanese Galaxy Force toys by Takara. Also on display were a few new Alternators, as well as some news about the upcoming movie. [Cybertron Pictures | Alternators Pictures]

It wouldn't be Toy Fair without Star Wars, and rumor has it the last movie comes out this year. First up in our coverage are the Jedi Force figures, for the younger crowd. [Pictures]

Returning as well is Beyblade with a new battling game cousin -- Battle B-Daman, a shooting-marble based game. [Pictures]

And in the "Other Stuff" category, we have HeroScape, Star Wars miniatures, Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story, Madagascar, and other toys. [Pictures]

Not just catering to Boys, Hasbro thinks of Girls, too. Take a look at the Trollz. [Pictures]

Hasbro continues to offer new figures in their My Litle Pony toyline. [Pictures]

GI Joe is changing for 2005. Sigma 6 is an 8-inch line of Joe figures, a completely new scale for Hasbro. The 3 3/4-inch line, a/k/a Real American Hero Collection is still going strong, and the 12-inch scale Classic Joes are back in force. [Sigma 6 Pictures | Real American Hero Pictures | 12-inch Classic Pictures]

On display here in the US but slated for European distribution only were figures from the Action Man toyline. [Pictures]

Pokemon continues in 2005 with more figures for kids to catch. [Pictures]

Hasbro is introducing a new Battling Figure game called Attacktix. Check out this version set in the Star Wars universe. [Pictures]

Rumor has it there's a new Star Wars movie coming out or something in May. Well, what would Toy Fair be without some standard Star Wars figures, this year from Revenge of the Sith? And of course, there are some Miscellaneous Star Wars items to be found as well. [Revenge of the Sith Pictures | Star Wars Miscellaneous]

And finally, we come to Furby. Looks like they got ear extensions.... [Pictures]

Update, 2-20-2005, 6:14pm EST: We have some more pictures for you. Check out more Transformers: Cybertron, GI Joe: A Real American Hero, GI Joe: Sigma 6, Star Wars: Attacktix, and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Playskool, and other Miscellaneous stuff!

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