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Always one of the biggest companies there, LEGO didn't disappoint this year. We have a lot of lines to show you. Let's dig in, starting with LEGO's own properties.

First off, let'st start with Bionicle. LEGO's home-grown action figure line continues in popularity, and 2005 should continue to bring the coolness to fans worldwide. [Pictures]

Next up are Clikits. Aimed towards girls, Clikits allow kids to design their own jewelry. [Pictures]

Dino Attack will thrill the young reptile-lovers in all of us. These come with dinosaur figures and LEGO vehicles for kids to build. [Pictures]

For the extremely young LEGO-maniacs, LEGO has more product in their DUPLO line. This year will see knights, castles, dragons, and even Bob the Builder. [Pictures]

Knights' Kingdom returns in 2005, giving kids sets to create their own medieval adventures. [Pictures]

LEGO City consists of, what else -- vehicles and figures set in a city! On display were construction vehicles, a police station, and more. [Pictures]

LEGO Racers gives builders the ability to create cars of all shapes and sizes. Big cars, small gliders, bikes -- time to burn LEGO rubber. [Pictures]

Now, let's move into their licensed properties. Probably the biggest LEGO license of the past few years has been Star Wars, and wouldn't you know? There's new product coming out, based on the new Revenge of the Sith movie. [Pictures]

Also returning in 2005 is Harry Potter. If you don't know who Harry Potter is -- where have you been living? [Pictures]

And, of course, we have the popular "Miscellaneous" section, featuring pictures of the displays themselves as well as other LEGO items. [Pictures]

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