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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2005 Coverage!

Mattel Entertainment - Toy Fair 2005

In addition to all the photos you can see in our regular Mattel Coverage, we are pleased to show you pictures from Mattel's Press Kit.

Batman Begins
Justice League Unlimited
Mega-Man NT
The Batman

Updated, 2-24-2005:

Here are the Mattel Press Kit images for Girls Toys! Note, these reside on to keep bandwidth lower.

Barbie: American Idol
Barbie: Barbie & Me
Barbie: Cali Girl
Barbie: Fairytopia
Barbie: Famous Friends
Barbie: Fashion Fever
Barbie: The Magic of Pegasus

Disney Princesses
Doggie Daycare
My Scene
Pixel Chix
Polly Pocket
Pound Puppies
Teen Trends
Winx Club

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