ASM Toy Fair 2005
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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2005 Coverage!


Mezco deals with a whole bunch of licensed properties. Included in this year's showing were figures (normal and "super-deformed") from Edward Scissorhands; a new line called The Warriors, featuring characters that look like they belong to gangs; Dark Carnival, with some of the freakiest clowns you'll ever see; Living Dead Dolls; dolls from a reimagined Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol; Pirate Mez-Itz; and, of course -- Family Guy figures.

There were a number of items on display that we were asked not to photograph. Stand-outs were action figures based on the Dark Horse comics The Goon and Hellboy. All looked fantastic and are eagerly anticipated by the staff here at ASM. Again, click the link for all that and more. [Pictures]

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