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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2005 Coverage!

Palisades Toys

Palisades impresses ASM once again with their Toy Fair showings in terms of quality and sheer coolness. Here's what we got.

The Muppets line may be drawing to a much-lamented close, but that hasn't stopped Palisades Toys! 2005 will see the last of the Muppets series, including convention and web-store-exclusive figures like Uncle Deadly, Rainbow Connection Kermit and a two-pack of Muppet the dawn of a brand-new line of Sesame Street characters! You can see all of Series 1 here (note that Ernie's head will get bigger and the Monster's two heads will shrink), including this year's convention-exclusive Super Grover figure (phonebooth and Grover Kent disguise included, all in a box with artwork by Alex Ross). [Pictures]

And while you're at it, take a gander at Invader Zim series 2 (including several Hot Topic variants), the Wizard-exclusive Zim and GIR 2-pack, and the gigundo-sized Mega GIR with removable plush doggie disguise! Also on display, though no photographs were allowed, was a set of Zim PVCs. [Pictures]

Palisades also continues its PALz line of block figures with more Buffy and X-Files, as well as the brand-new license for Die Hard. Their Army of Darkness line of 3 3/4" super-articulated figures will soon be accompanied by Terminator 2 and Planet of the Apes 2-packs in a similar style. [PALz Pictures | Army of Darkness Pictures]

All this and more, including Factory X's licensed prop replicas, action figures based on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, statues and other collectibles from the Alien and Predator films, Transformers statues, and more! (Transformers fans take note: the planned ITFCC convention exclusive of Ravage has now been replaced by Bumblebee. Ravage will likely follow as a web-retailer exclusive.) [Factory X Pictures | Adult Swim Pictures | Alien and Predator Pictures | Transformers Statues Pictures | Miscellaneous Pictures]

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