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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2005 Coverage!

Play Along

Play Along offers items for both boys and girls! First, for the boys, we have C3 Construction featuring DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter. They also have the Armies of Middle Earth line, featuring minatures of knights, dragons, and the like. [Pictures]

Just a quick note on the C3 Construction line: You'll notice that we only have photographs of the upcoming Batman and Justice League Mini-Flyers. There were actually a number of additional sets on display for Batman, the new The Batman animated series and the Batman Begins film, but they have not yet found a home and so we were asked not to show them for now. The fate of these sets and figures is currently up in the air, and it is unknown whether they will see retail release. We were promised, however, that the Mini-Flyers are definitely coming this year.

For the girls, Play Along had on display Care Bears! Over 20 years of caring, Care Bears are back and going strong. Also, Play Along will bring to stores Sky Dancers, figures that can be made to fly through the air. [Pictures]

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